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The Conclusion of #ReelFlySummer

Hello Hello Folks,

Jeez, I apologize for my tardiness in explaining why I’ve been so tardy. Of course, as you may suspect, the reason is my university. You and I both can thank my school for hogging all my attention for the last four months. So selfish. Recently, I’ve received a plethora of good news about new projects in 2014, which have allowed me to create a picture of what’s next for me. Exciting stuff! I’m hoping you’ve all set yourself up for a wild, yet equally successful, 2014.

So you may remember a little phenomenon by the name of #ReelFlySummer. To your surprise, my best friend and I actually managed to finish a lot more than was posted on this blog…again because of my tardiness. I have made it my mission to ensure the world knows how much we got accomplished on the #ReelFlySummer list before the end of the year. So here we are. Flip through the slide show below for a full image count of the items we checked off the list. Maybe it will be super inspiring for your summer 2014? To summarize, the summer was ‘reel fly’…no pun intended.

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If you have any questions at all, I’m all ears, or shall I say eyes. Feel free to write me a quirky or corny comment below. Oh, and happy holidays to all, and to all a good night.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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Splish Splash Argos: #ReelFlySummer – #16, 27


In big news this week, the #RoyalBaby was born! Did you know the #RoyalBaby hashtag generated 25300 tweets per minute? Not bad for a guy who didn’t have a name at the time.

This week’s #ReelFlySummer items included a long awaited splish splash party and cheering at a sports game for a sport that is pretty much foreign to us in nature.

#16 Cheer on the Argos Live

Football isn’t exactly a Canadian sport. However, after the Toronto Argonauts were prized with the 100th Grey Cup last year, there was a lot of anticipation surrounding what the team had to offer for the 2013 season. As you may know, I’m always buzzing about my friends. Well one of them happens to be on the media team for the Argos. He managed to get us tickets for the home opener. That’s not even the best part. We were seated in row 34 behind the Argos bench. That’s also not the best part. The best part was that they actually won the game! Oh, and the CN Tower was lit blue in honour of the Argos, which is pretty rad too.

Football fans are not exactly the friendliest people, to put it kindly. They’re a little explosive for my taste. Myself and the girls kept cheerful by painting warrior stripes on our faces and creating our own cheer, which you can see us pathetically perform with some Argos cheerleaders below. We kept in the rhythm of the game by cheering and standing when others did. Following the game, we partied with the Argos players and workers at Shoeless Joe’s. You can support the Toronto Argos by liking their Twitter page here.

VERDICT: One word of advice. Do not get up from your seat in the middle of a play to take pictures. People will not think it’s cute. 







#27 Attend a Pool Party

The weather here in Toronto can be shady, both figuratively and literally. Luckily, an appropriate time finally came to throw a pool party. A group of us gathered. Most of the group ate 100 calorie ice cream bars and tanned, some ate quinoa and stayed in their mini-dresses, while others obnoxiously jumped in the pool. I was the obnoxious one.

VERDICT: Pool parties are a summer must! I just wish the pool had a lazy river and more people in the pool.






More shenanigans coming soon.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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