The Minimalist Approach to Being on TV : #ReelFlySummer – #40, 51


This is has been a wild week, mainly because the Kimye baby was born, but more importantly because she was named North West. *Cue the mockery*. But in all seriousness, I started a new, exciting project this week that will take up most of the summer. So if my blogs are ever inconsistently posted…don’t you worry, don’t you worry child.

My latest adventures that I would like for you to divulge to your favorite folks involve being on fudging TV and strutting my stuff somewhere, somehow, for some reason.

#40 Make a Donation to Charity

It’s important to note that a donation to charity is not always monetary. So, when I was asked to ‘model’ (I use that term very lightly) in a small charity fashion show to raise awareness and money for homeless youth, I was completely game. The fashion show was held by Trek for Teens, a foundation run by youth, for youth. The small show managed to raise $600, which is lovely to hear. The show features a runway show, an auction, dancers and singers. If you’d like to contribute, you can visit their website. When I found out I would be participating I wanted to rally my friends so they could help out a great cause as well. You can see them laughing their tiny butts off at me below.






#51 Go to a Live TV Taping

We were oh so excited for this one. We sent in requests for CityLine and The Marilyn Denis Show at the same time. The MDS got back to us first and so we attended a taping on June 3rd. That day the show was not airing live; thus, the episode actually aired on June 6th.

As soon as we arrived we were escorted to a waiting area where I ran into a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in ages. Small world ey? Any who, we were happy to have at least attempted to dress up because there were too many senior women with blowouts giving us a run for our money. Why is it so important to dress to impress? Well, the better you look, the better the chances of getting seated in a spot that is in the camera scope. Anyways, back to the waiting area. A very energetic Irish man came to wake us up at 9:40. We were then escorted inside the studio where the grueling seat selection process began. We were seated in the far right back corner…literally in the farthest corner. This was funny enough to start what would be an unstoppable wave of inner giggles.

Everyone in the audience was so posh and well tamed…well except for us of course. The minute we were seated we jumped up on stage to warm up Marilyn’s chair for her. The crowd soon followed our lead. S0on after, Marilyn strutted in and we cheered recklessly. There were only two guests in studio that day; design expert Andrew Pike who showed us a Peacock inspired home makeover he did for a couple in the audience and Halina Catherine who taught us how to build a wine room on a budget (there were unfortunately no samples of wine distributed). We realized we were sitting behind the couple who received a makeover; therefore, we would get some airtime. The camera truthfully adds 10 pounds; hence, it should be no surprise that we almost passed out laughing when we spotted ourselves on screen…literally. You’ll have to watch the episode to see the embarrassing moment for yourselves. We became known as the “the giggly girls” that morning.

After the show we were informed that there was an opportunity to be featured in a Walmart x Marilyn Denis Show commercial that would be airing throughout July and August. The commercial has something to do with the big Mom of the Year contest Walmart held around Mother’s Day. We were each asked to respond to question “why do you love your mother”. I promptly responded with the most sarcastic response you can imagine. Watch a snippet below. The most hilarious part was that we went directly after two daughters who gave a response about their 90 year old mother, who was observing behind the camera in tears. Yes we’re deep…I know.

Oh and to the cute guy in a red polo shirt helping with production: call me.










Next up, I will finally tell you folks all about my birthday spectacle this year!

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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