Never Stop Eating: #ReelFlySummer – #1, 52

Ni Hao,

My lovely readers, all I have to say is that #ReelFlySummer is a total hit. My best friend and I have been pushed to do so many adventurous tasks thus far this summer, which we would have otherwise never completed. One of the funniest aspects of all this shenanigans is that my other peers have no idea when we are ‘Reel Fly Summering’ so it’s extra entertaining keeping them on edge. Please comment below and tell me if you’ve checked off any bucket list items so far this summer. I live for this stuff so please tell me!

This past week we visited one of Toronto’s most famous markets and then visited a Toronto hotspot to eat our favorite dessert…crepes!

#1 Dine on Crepes @ Chococrêpe

If you know me well, you should know that there is only one delicacy I enjoy more than crepes, and that is chocolate. Lucky for me, Chococrêpe offers crepes with chocolate. Upon seeing a photo of a crepe from this Queen Street hotspot (see the photo below), we knew we had to make a trip. We started with the Three Cheese savoury crepe, which was modestly filled with brie, goat cheese and swiss cheese. It wasn’t much to the eye, but I cannot even begin to explain the taste of this creation. The flavours were….let’s just say…angelic. We followed our savoury crepe with a sweet crepe and opted for the Nutella and Banana toppings. Unfortunately for us, we missed the mark on ordering one of the crepes we had seen in the photos; nonetheless, it was delightful and we’ll be sure to try one of the tasty art pieces upon our next visit!

VERDICT: Chococrêpe is a delish, tiny, intimate spot to dine and tighten the buttons on those jeans. The Three Cheese Crepe is a must-try. Also, Chococrêpe if you’re reading this, we’re dying to know the recipe for your salad dressing! 


Photo: @Chococrepe Facebook Page


#52 Deal Find At the St.Lawrence Market

This one started out a bit rocky. We walked into a building which we thought was the St.Lawrence Market only to find an empty space. We stood there confused and giggling for about 10 minutes until we realized the market was across the street. Umm…ya. The market was everything we imagined it would be with fruit, cheese, wine, meat and pastry vendors. There were also tons of sampling opportunities, which you can bet we took full advantage of. To summarize we tried about 30 pretzels and dip, 4 pieces of cheese, 4 samples of wine, and 2 pieces of bagel bread because one of each simply wouldn’t suffice.

The bright, invigorating appearance of the fruits on display made me crave a mango, and made my best friend thirst for watermelon. We just had to buy both. I must say, we were expecting bargain prices aka a ‘deal find’, but that was not the case. For example, two mangoes cost a whopping $4, which is comparable to the prices at a local grocery store such as Loblaws. Arguably, the mangoes in the market were much larger than those at the grocery store…but still.

VERDICT: It’s a rather pretty market to wander through; however, don’t expect to find any bargains. Instead, expect a modern market with ATM machines. Also, I vote they remove meat vendors because I could do without locking eyes with a lobster. 










What do you think is next? Hint: we were on TV (SQUEAL!).

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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