Up, Up & Away False Alarm: #ReelFlySummer – #26, 44

Hello Hello,

How’s the weather treating you wherever you are in the world? Over in my corner it is very evident that mother nature has a vendetta against this nation. On another note, I’m going to give one last plea for you mystical creatures to take 30 seconds and vote for me in an online contest I’ve entered. The winner becomes Fruttare Canada’s guest blogger, and gets to travel to various music festivals across Canada and blog about them for the world. Voting takes about 30 seconds and three clicks. Click here, like the Fruttare Canada Facebook page, and finally click shout out beside my picture. You can also leave a lovey dovey comment if you wish to do so. Here’s the link again: http://bit.ly/10jDL9x.

This week, one item in particular really required me to use some persuasion tactics on my partner in crime.

#26 Take a Field Trip to the Airport

Weird, huh? Although I absolutely hate flying, I’m rather fond of airports and the concept of travelling in general. So, after several efforts, I finally convinced my partner that we needed to have a ‘chill’ session at the airport. Her response the first 10 times, and the question on all your minds is why? Well, basically, I get a kick out of watching people’s behaviour at airports. There’s always that one father that’s just overly angry, and that one child that demands to carry their own suitcase, only to drop it 15 times. Yup, I get a kick out of that.

Initially, we made a decent effort to convince our friends we were going on a spontaneous trip via SnapChat. You’ll have to ask them whether we succeeded. For the duration of the day, we wandered the airport, terminal to terminal, making use of the handy dandy terminal link bus. We went on a hunt for lemonades (you’ll know why in the near future, hint: #ReelFlySummer), and sat on a variety of benches, stools, and couches. You can see a video from our trip below filled with 100% wrongful information, right down to our Hangover II movie knowledge.

When we finally decided we had seen enough, we took the terminal link bus to the distant discount parking garage where we had parked our car. We couldn’t help but notice a very modern hotel right next to the garage that was practically begging us to go in and pretend we were guests. We discovered that each floor had a designated colour theme. How’d we know this? Well, likely because we traveled to each floor and made bets on what colour we’d see when the elevator doors swung open. Things got a tad awkward when a hotel visitor joined us for the ride. The lobby of the hotel was fully equipped with Apple computers, a swing chair from the ceiling, and a rocking chair. My partner exclaimed: “this is legit exactly how I want my future house to look”.

VERDICT: The Toronto Pearson Airport is a must-see Toronto attraction as stated by reputable individuals (aka me). Skip the lemonade as it’s overpriced and simply tastes like it’s made from a frozen can. Go on a hunt for the swing chair…it’s definitely worth it. 











#44 Learn to French Braid

We’re quite capable of doing a standard braid and a fancy shmanzy fishtail braid, but the french braid is one which we have struggled with for years. The level of struggle, especially for my partner, can metaphorically be compared to that of a person climbing Mount Everest. No really.

We decided to turn to our trusted friend Lauren Conrad and learn her french braiding ways using this tutorial. I understood the technique rather quickly, and was able to create somewhat of a braid on my friend’s impeccably short cut (she’s currently channeling a Bradley Cooper inspired do). She, however, managed to create something equivalent to a squirrel’s tail the first four times.

VERDICT: Lauren Conrad must have magical powers if she’s able to do such a complex art without looking. Well you know what Ms. Conrad, I bet you can’t pull off a standard 80’s hairdo. Oh wait… 





More to come soon!

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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