2 Broke Girls Cupcake Delivery: #ReelFlySummer – #29, #36


I hope all has been well and good and that you have began fully utilizing the #ReelFlySummer hashtag. Before I say another word I must ask all my lovely readers to please take 30 seconds and vote for me in an online contest I’ve entered to win the prize of becoming Fruttare Canada’s guest blogger. In this role I would travel to music festivals across Canada and document my experiences for Fruttare. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that already what you do now? The answer is yes, and that’s why I feel that the position would be a great fit for me. However, I need some votes, that’s where you come into the picture. It only takes about 30 seconds and three clicks to vote. Click here, like the Fruttare Canada Facebook page, and finally click shout out beside my picture. You can also leave a lovey dovey comment if you wish to do so. Here’s the link again: http://bit.ly/10jDL9x.

So this week on the #ReelFlySummer tour the game plan was to get around to completing four items; however, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

#36 Make Cupcakes ‘2 Broke Girls’ Style

My best friend and I have been obsessed with three sitcoms this past year; New Girl, The Mindy Project, and 2 Broke Girls. You will probably hear us make references to these shows at least once a night. To summarize 2 Broke Girls, pretty much there are two girls that are broke but have a dream of opening a successful cupcake shop. So as any true fan would do, we set out to make cupcakes too.

We opted to make a simple vanilla cupcake with Nutella frosting and another with a cookie dough centre and the same Nutella frosting. I wish I could provide you with a recipe but it was derived from three different sources in an effort to make them “healthy”. You’re welcome to leave a comment below if you’re really curious. But in all honesty, the cupcakes had no butter and only needed just a small amount of olive oil. We also used whole wheat flour and fat free whipped cream for the frosting…so it was practically equivalent to eating some spinach.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, in particular an event where I mistook a four cup measurement for a one cup measurement of milk, we had to make a lot of extra batter. The idea immediately struck to make surprise cupcake deliveries to our peers.

VERDICT: The general consensus was an A+ for a cupcake that is somewhat healthy…or at least that’s the story I’m sticking to. This is also a foolproof method to get your friends smiling. Give it a go. 















#29 Make a Burn Book

Our inner Regina George must have come out to play when we added this item to the list. Nonetheless, after a lengthy debate on how we should go about doing this, while minimizing the meanness factor, we finally created somewhat of a burn book. I can’t tell you anything more, other than the fact that Nicki Minaj has a coveted page in the book. And no, we didn’t wear pink while making the book because it was not a Wednesday.

VERDICT: Generally speaking, my hair is really big because it’s full of secrets. Think of the burn book as a journal. It really does make you feel better, just be sure to keep it to yourself unless you want Ms. Norbury saying she’s disappointed in you. 






This week’s going to be an exciting one. Any guesses?

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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2 thoughts on “2 Broke Girls Cupcake Delivery: #ReelFlySummer – #29, #36

  1. You guys are funny…Hahahahahahaha love the cupcakes and the burn book……GREAT JOB!!!

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