Right on Target: #ReelFlySummer – #5, #19

Hello Hello,

So summer is well underway and here in Toronto we are finally starting to feel the heat. Thus, if mother nature is up to her regular tricks, it will be snowing again by tomorrow.

If you missed the last post, the #ReelFlySummer initiative has officially been launched. In summary, my best friend and I will shimmy our way through a list of items this summer that we’ve wanted to complete for a while now (fingers crossed). This week we managed to check off two items off the list.

#5 Target Shopping

For any US readers this one is going to seem extremely strange. Us Canadians were blessed with the arrival of Target and all its red & white glory beginning this year. It opened during school and I never had a chance to experience the extravaganza for myself; thus, it was about time I made the trip.

As expected everything was in fact red, white, and extremely clean. Regarding merchandise, the store pretty much carried the same variety and items that you’d find at your local Walmart. Just substitute the McDonald’s you’d find beside the cash with a luxe Starbucks.  Also like Walmart, Target as a price match guarantee so you can definitely expect to receive competitive prices.

Target was still bundles of fun and as expected both my best friend and I fell for the superstore trap and ended up making the strangest purchases. A blender for me, and jalapeno pretzels for her.

VERDICT: Target is a luxurious Walmart that is here to stay. Looking forward to seeing how they differentiate themselves further in the near future. 





#19 Drake Hotel

For New Years my friends and I went through a lengthy debate about whether we should attend a soiree at Drake Hotel or Thompson. Thompson obviously took the prize. Since none of us had been, it was a must-visit.

While getting ready for the night my friends recklessly contacted me asking me what the dress code was like. For a few moments I did debate the idea of telling all the boys it was a ‘suit and tie’ kind of night. However, I prefer not to be eaten for dinner so I opted out. But in all honesty, I really didn’t know what the dress code was. My understanding was that the venue would be rather ‘hipster’ as they call it. This was shortly reinforced when what appeared to be a 1930’s edition of Tarzan the movie was playing on screens circulating the main floor.

Also as expected, the place was extremely strange. Drake had multiple floors and people crawling all over the place. I truly was having trouble envisioning the hotel aspect of the venue. The music was strictly rap and r&b, which we were not expecting, but who doesn’t love a little bit of Ciara and Snoop Lion. The ‘hot spot’ in Drake is the patio area upstairs, which we waited over 30 minutes to get to. Thus, it only made sense to pull a prank on those waiting to get up to the patio upon our departure. See for yourself below.

VERDICT: Nothing too special. Maximize fun factor by going in a large group. 







Any guesses what’s next on the #ReelFlySummer tour?

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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