Hello Hello,

Long time no talk world. I’ve missed you. It’s officially summer in my world, meaning less school and more sassy fun.

In an effort to maximize my relaxation factor this summer I have planned a few trips to escape the city. There is also a new initiative that my best friend and I are launching. Its official title is: #ReelFlySummer.


Last week my best friend and I sat down at a cafe and sipped on some Lemonade and London Fog’s. Meanwhile, we compiled a list of items that would make our summer ‘Reel Fly’. I suppose you could refer to it as our short-term bucket list. A lot of the list is unique to us and our city (Toronto); however, the rest are events that will greatly push us to maximize our weirdness potential.

The list will remain top secret; however, I will post an update each week here on the blog to outline the items checked off the list. Hopefully we will give everyone some ideas on how to make their very own summer ‘Reel Fly’. Be sure to tweet me @neda_feta using the hashtag #ReelFlySummer with comments and judgments.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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