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Tis the Season to be Jolly

Hello Hello,

What a year 2012 has been, that’s all I have to say. Actually, that’s not all I have to say, because I never have nothing to say. I can yap on for hours. It’s like a disease except not exactly. Oh wait, I think I’m doing it again.

I’ve been on holidays from school for the past few weeks. Although I didn’t go anywhere fancy schmancy, I had a beyond fabulous time spending Christmas, New Years, and Boxing Day right here in Toronto with my friends and family. I figured since this holiday season has been such a slice, I should probably share the highlights with you all. Perhaps, it’ll give you some ideas for next holidays, although I do suggest you try to spread out your holiday feasting as much as possible. Crepes 3 days in a row for dinner can really take a toll on them legs.

Just before I begin, I came across a post from one of my favorite bloggers Elin Kling on the Holidays that includes some info I feel needs sharing. I just want to remind everyone that life’s not perfect regardless of what it appears to be via the digital world. Not everyone in the world had a perfect holidays, and perhaps many of you do not participate in all the gifting and feasting associated with this time of year. I just want to let you know that there is nothing wrong with that and the world is only amazing because of how different each person is. Remember that the best gifts are not tangible.

That being said, this is my personal favorite time of the year mainly because everyone’s just nicer, and there’s a few more lights beaming around the city. I started my holidays by taking two of my close friends to a Holiday Soiree at Cube Nightclub. What captivated me to this event was the promise that Santa would make an appearance and give out candy canes. There’s nothing that seals the deal faster than the mention of Santa. It was a fantastic night, although I certainly didn’t imagine Santa’s little helper’s sporting such small skirts. Maybe that was the only fabric left over after Santa’s 2012 suit was designed?







Then there was Christmas Eve. My family does the same thing every year. We go to my uncle’s house where we dress up in over-sized sweaters to be festive (aka to hide the food baby’s), eat, eat, eat, play Pictionary, do a gift steal exchange, and eat. The highlight of the night was the 1000 layer crepe cake that my aunt famously makes every year for me. Oh lordy. For the second year in a row I ended up with my own gift in the gift steal. My team also won Pictionary, but I must say some of those words were ridiculous, for example “object”. Any ideas on how one would go about drawing this? I also set up a tripod and took multitudes of pictures of myself with penguins, trees, walls, and the abundance of dogs…fancy.














My cousins and I also started a new “thing” called a four way plank. Preparation was a little… let me try to think of the word for it…challenging.





In addition to my Christmas Eve tradition, I have a 25th of December tradition with my best friend. Our pictures do not vary too much from year to year. I wear the exact same thing every Christmas, a green Mickey Mouse sweater that comes with a matching hat, which has been missing for years. If found, a reward will be provided. Our other customary activities include going skating on a local rink and eating at our absolute favorite Canadian dessert house, Demetres. We almost had a scare this year when we went to our usual Demetres location and saw that for the first Christmas ever, it was closed. Luckily the second location was open and welcomed us with open arms and white chocolate chips. My best friend is not much of a skater, or winter sport gal. This year, however, she was feeling wild and let go of my arm. At first she was frustrated that my sole advice was to live. She eventually got so sassy and into it that she instagrammed a pic with the hashtag #WayneGretzky.












The only difference this Christmas was one 6 letter phenomenon. Onesie. We do a gift exchange between the two of us every year. We had been speaking of buying matching onesies for 2 years after having seen them on XFactor UK. This year it just so happened we read each others minds and bought the other a pair of these wondrous creations. It’s crazy how telepathic best friends can be! The onesie I bought her is from Walmart and the adorable one she got me is from Snug As A Bug and can be found here. I also bought my bestie a mug from Anthropologie and made some DIY picture album jars. This obviously called for a cheesy photo shoot and a video dancing to Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I won’t share that video here. Check out “The built-in onesie with the socks on that ****”, as Macklemore would say.









Who can forget the final day of 2012? Two years ago I spent my final day of 2010 jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas so I wasn’t too sure how this year was going to hold up in comparison. Unfortunately, we’re sort of the last minute, YOLO type, and most events were sold out by December 27th. Another challenge is the variety of personalities in our group varying from Tupac’s number one fans, to Vybz Kartel’s dutty whiners to Holt Renfrew adorers. So where did we decide to go? None other than the classy Thompson Hotel Lobby Bar. Originally tickets were 25$, then they went up to 35$, and two hours before we purchased them they went up to 50$…fantastic. The tickets sold out 5 hours after we began purchasing. A group of our friends missed ticket sales and thus contacted a private promoter for a hook up. This will come into play in a little bit. I started the night hopping from one condo to another to get ready and jam at pre-parties with all the amigos. For the night I went for a bow updo inspired by my personal favorite, Minnie Mouse. My dress was by Pink Tartan. Getting taxis was messy and the arguments on who would go into the first taxi was extremely painful, but I was very pleased at how kind and understanding the Beck Taxi drivers were. For the record, Yellow Tail wine is brutal.







Upon arriving at the Thompson Hotel in six separate taxis, we began to check in. This is when we found out that the group of intelligent boys who bought their tickets from a promoter had purchased tickets for the P1 party at Thompson as opposed to the Lobby Bar thinking it was the same ordeal. Let the shenanigans begin. We had to sweet talk the promoter into returning their money, sneak down into the basement party to find out who the manager of the Lobby Bar was, and finally speak of our tragedy to the doormen to convince them to sell the boys discounted tickets to the sold out party we were all in. All in a nights work. I would definitely say the Lobby Bar gathered an older crowd, but this was even better for us. We were certainly the life of the party. Upon entering the Lobby Bar, guests were greeted with champagne and party favours. Our crew also ended up taking over an entire booth, I’m not entirely sure how that happened. Unfortunately, we broke over 6 glasses of champagne, no one seemed to mind or notice though. It was New Year’s after all. This goes to prove that anything and everything is fun given good company. Could party planning be in my professional future? Who kissed who when the clock struck 12? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. XOXO.








Post- Thompson, we headed back to my friend’s condo for a lovey-dovey sleepover. We all engaged in a huge cuddle fest, ordered pizza and fought to be the last one’s awake. Obviously the winner was me, but the host did put up a good fight. We also pulled a prank on a lovely boy who fell fast asleep very early in the night. We put very old cheese on his bald head and five hours later…the cheese remained in the exact location I set it. If that’s not a sign of a good night’s sleep, I don’t know what is. I sat on the balcony and watched the sunrise against the CN Tower. What a night.






I’m looking crazy forward to 2013. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for both me and all of you. Peace on earth and joy to all with love. Yes…I stole that from a greeting card.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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