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Who Let the Girls Out?

Hello Hello,

So as I promised my summer explorations were far from over upon my return from Costa Rica. This post will be dedicated to a mini vacay I took for my 19th birthday…yup that’s right the big one-nine. To celebrate I took three of my bestest / weirdest amigos to Niagara Falls for a two-day getaway. Yes, this means I was still in Ontario, but I had to pack a luggage so it still counts as a travel session.

What was a little bit off about this trip was the hotel I selected for our stay. I decided to go with one of the leading kid’s resorts in Ontario with an indoor waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge. I know what you’re all thinking why would a young hormonal teenager want to spend her 19th birthday mossing among thousands of itty bitty troublemakers? Let me explain. First off, GWL is absolutely one of my favorite hotels ever! It just makes me soooo happy. Every thing is made of wood and it is super cozy. Secondly, I like to go out and hit the town but at the end of the day I like to come back to a nice, friendly, CLEAN, quiet environment. In addition, we got upgraded to a spiffy room with a Jacuzzi, which ended up only being used by my one blonde friend who rolled around in her own dirt at 5am. Lastly, little kids have older brothers you know…tsk tsk…

Upon our arrival our acts of mischief immediately began. I’m surprised we didn’t see more parents covering their eyes as we seductively posed in the hallways, ran around our room with minimal clothes with the curtains open, and seduced the resorts furry decorations.

We first began our adventures by taking a stroll around the resort. Our first stop was the resort’s souvenir shop, where we tried on hats, masks, and found out about a special game called MagicQuest where you run around the resort with a wand on a scavenger hunt. Every time you point your wand to a correct item it will light up green and do something cool. For instance, there was one treasure chest on the first floor that would open and start singing when pointed to. This game had us all jumping for joy, but unfortunately we were too cheap to pay for the wands. 😦

Next, we went on to eat just about everything that was left at the buffet at 4pm before they cleared everything to get ready for dinner. Our lunch/dinner consisted of mac and cheese and stale fries…we should have seen that coming considering we were at a children’s resort. Our next task was to move in to our luxurious room…so sloppy. Visualize bags falling off the cart all over the place…

After moving in we began our tourist’ing’ around Clifton Hills. We of course had to make a pit stop at my absolute fave destination…THE HERSHEY STORE! We got to try some free samples of fudge, which is always a plus.

Following our extremely extra acts around the streets, we decided to go take a dip in the Falls (don’t worry I’m just kidding we weren’t too keen on pulling a Nik Wallenda who was p.s. scheduled to do his infamous walk across the Falls the following weekend).

Something else adorable that we saw was a group of teens taking pictures for their pre-prom around the falls. How cute is that? Obviously, I made an effort to stop and offer to take pictures for them and let them know they looked fabulous!

We also made a pit stop at the Fallsview Casino and Hotel where I lost 5 bucks in 1 minute after accidentally pushing too many buttons on the slot machine 😦 We stopped to get a sample of wine (fine I’ll admit we had more than 1), and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.

In the room, we had a long heated debate about whether we should go to the ultra famous DragonFly club or the awesome new Texas-inspired bar with a mechanical bull. Please note: riding a bull is pretty high on my bucket list! After popping some champagne/ sparkling wine we decided to just say YOLO and try to make it to both.

However, after getting to the bull-riding bar there was no way we were leaving anytime soon. It was ridonculous how much fun we had riding that bull/falling off a million times. My one friend stayed on FOREVER and it was her first time so kudos to her. We also met many legit cowboys (LIKE SERIOUSLY LEGIT)! I’m talking the ones with the full getups that are gentlemen-like and swear by the official rules of riding bulls such as using just one hand. We unfortunately didn’t make it to DragonFly but we did decide to head back to the casino because we were feeling lucky. My friend managed to win herself 26$ on the roulette machines with someone else’s money HURRAH! When we arrived back at GWL at around 4 am the looks we got from the staff were highlarious! It was dead quiet.

The next day was waterpark time! Just a whole bunch of giggles flailing our legs in the lazy river and screams our heads off in the slides. Unfortunately though, we couldn’t go back into the wave pool because a little one decided to take a number 2…I promise it wasn’t me.

Although i’m in love with GWL, I’m not so sure it was in love with me. I had to lie about all my friends ages to make them seem like my little cousins and had to discard of the kid’s spa coupon that came with the package. My friends and I did, however, take full advantage of the free mini golf game and the 40 free arcade tokens. Let’s just say we got a bit too into the arcade. To provide you with a visual, as soon as we hit the jackpot all four of us were jumping up and down hugging, practically in tears reminiscent of a father holding his newborn…ya super awks.

I seriously could not have asked for a better birthday. My girlies made it an unforgettable weekend. The one thing I could have done without though was the pelvic muscle pains from clenching onto that darn bull and the fist-sized bruise under my knee! Bulls are vicious, even if they’re not real…ya heard?

If you had fun reading about this wild adventure wait until you hear what’s next. I’m making my way over to Cancun, Mexico tomorrow for a wedding. I also have family living over there, which I haven’t seen in ages so I’m super excited. The last time I was in Cancun was 2008 where I stayed with my family and drove around the city in a truck (pictures below). I’ll only be there a week but I promise I’ll have many stories to tell. I’m also going to be there for the Euro Cup 2012 finals where my fave team Espana will take the win! I can just envision the madness that will occur on the streets of Mehico on July 1st! Can’t wait! VIVA MEHICO!

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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