Greetings Loved Ones, Let’s Take a Journey


I don’t even know where to start with the adventures I embarked on this weekend. It’s a lot to handle all at once but I think you’re all very deserving of seeing this. I guess I’ll just go ahead and say it…I went to heaven and came back this past weekend. By heaven, I’m of course referring to the Baldi Hot Springs and Arenal Volcano duo! As Katy Perry would say it, “You could travel the world, but nothing comes close”.

So let me start from the beginning. We embarked on this adventure to Baldi + Arenal courtesy of a tour we booked through TransLeo tours for 102$ / person. The location of the volcano site is approximately 4 hours away from downtown San Jose but I assure you every single minute of travel time was worth it. We left Maximo headquarters around 8 am and set off to pick up about 10 other tourists/locals who would be coming along with us. The tour guide was unlucky enough to be stuck answering my 4 hours worth of questions. He did a pretty solid job at answering my multitude of questions so I’d give him an A+ :).

Our first stop along the way was at a small church in a town whose name I am unsure of. It was a pretty random 10 minute stop but I managed to grab a few great snaps.

We then packed back up into the car and drove off towards our next stop. Along the way we passed a famous colourful Costa Rican monument representing the popularity of the Oxcarts (Carretas) that were used to transport agricultural goods around the country, back in the day.

Not too long later we arrived in the city of Sarchi for a much needed bathroom break at a very large souvenir/furniture store. Here we were served free samples of coffee and were allowed to wander aimlessly for 30 minutes. The coffee in Costa Rica is divine. It’s not like those coffees that are too bitter to have without the addition of 46 packets of sugar. I was also persuaded to purchase some very expensive chocolate covered macadamia nuts due to very enticing packaging…they were ultra delish though.

For the rest of our time in Sarchi my sister and I pretty much messed around and dressed up as Al Pacino, Curious George, and a Chinese tourist.

Our next stop was lunch; however, it wasn’t your everyday dining spot. It was an outdoor setup with benches but no roof. The food was local Costa Rican food (aka rice and beans) served in a buffet style manner. It was here that we coincidentally ran into a bunch of Michigan University students studying abroad in Costa Rica that we had initially ran into at the Atlanta airport (small world huh?). To make things even stranger the back of the eating place had a hummingbird viewing area…

Next, our tour guide decided to go off on a 20 minute rant about how juicy, yellow and delicious the pineapples in Costa Rica are. Yet there was no pineapple-eating stop in the tour itinerary. There was no way I was going to go on with my life without treating myself to some of these magical fruits so we protested a stop alongside the street to get some. Everyone in the bus thought my sister and I were crazy and gave us the stink eye. Yet, when they saw the juices gushing all over our fingers and mouths, they couldn’t help but get their lazy butts up to get their hands on some these goods.

Finally, after passing through many furniture stores, we finally had a clear view of the little ol’ volcano. Not a bad view, eh? The history behind the Arenal Volcano is that its one side is passive, while the other side is still surely active. The interesting site was that half the volcano was covered in trees and flora, while the other half was as dry as a rock. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any closer than the pics below due to hazardous gases that are frequently released from the volcano.

Next up, we arrived at the Baldi Hot Springs Resort where we had a breathtaking view of the volcano. I took many many many pics to try to capture the level of beauty we were able to witness. I don’t think the pics do it 100% justice but it’s a pretty solid effort. I was very confused because the price to stay at the resort is only around 168$ a night, which includes the use of all 3841230 pools, slides, and a lunch and dinner. However, the resort was fairly empty and quiet. My guess is that it is off season due to it being rainy season in Costa Rica! Meh…all i know is that my honeymoon destination is already all planned out.

But either way, it was absolutely beautiful scoping out all the different pools overflowing with naturally heated spring water and chilling out all day long! Not to mention the opportunity to sip on a drink at many highly amusing underwater bars!

I also discovered that I am a huge fan of just mossing under waterfalls…it is what it is. P.s. if your mind is blown by the following water pictures, I highly suggest purchasing an underwater camera 🙂

At around 5pm we were dragged out of the pools and set off to eat dinner at the resort. It was served in a buffet style manner but honestly included the widest variety of food I’ve seen in a while, including chocolate fondue… a personal fave 🙂 By far the best meal I have had in days…mmm. I feel my taste buds bursting just thinking about it.

Basically the day ended with a very long 4 hour bumpy ride home down a rocky mountain. I also had the pleasure of seeing a motorcycler lying in fatal condition in the middle of the road after being hit by a car…just another day here in Costa Rica.

That’s all for now! Hope everyone’s well and good. As Ellen would say: “Be kind to one another”.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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4 thoughts on “Greetings Loved Ones, Let’s Take a Journey

  1. Anonymous

    When i went to Arenal Volcano with my family, we went to the Tabacon Springs and holy snap it was beautiful there! But the stay is really expensive, at least $250/night. Looks like you had fun regardless, and ps: i love your blog 🙂

    • $250 dollars a night is crazy! Hopefully it included food as well:) You should definitely hit up Baldi though if ya ever go back, it’s for sure a steal!

  2. Alyssa

    hi! your time in c.r. seems absolutely gorgeous! some questions for you: did you book this tour through Maximo Nivel when you got there or did you do it online? was this place you stayed at included in the tour? I am going there in August and want to do pretty much everything you did here :P!

    • Hi there Alyssa,

      This tour was booked through TransLeo tours, which is basically the tour company connected to Maximo. I booked it once I got there. It cost around $102 per person. We actually did not stay the night at Baldi Hot Springs, we just stayed there for the day and got back around 10 pm. One option that you have that Maximo doesn`t tell you about is that you`re welcome to stay the night at Baldi Hot Springs and catch the tour bus back home the next day because the tour runs every single day. You`d just have to arrange that and also book a one night stay at Baldi. I wish I would`ve done that! I wish you a spectacular trip in August, I know you`ll have an amazing time!

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