Embarking in T-Minus 8 hours


As I prepare for my final sleep tonight in my own bed, or shall I say my final night staring at the ceiling wondering what I got myself into, I feel the shivers and shakes circulating within me. My friends have been amazing and I am so glad I had a chance to catch up with the majority of my Bayview, Schulich, and LOULOU friends prior to my departure. Boy am I going to miss you guys 😦

For those of you who know me, packing the night before at around 2am is sort of my customary behaviour. But this time around I’ve decided to be just a tad bit more prepared as forgetting to bring socks and underwearwould be deadly.

I’m stressed out just looking at all this so I’ve decided to just sit in my luggage and ponder for a while 🙂

My flight is somewhere around 6 and 7 am tomorrow morning and at that time I will be UP UP AND AWAY. However, before that time feel free to contact me via phone or facebook or whatever way you contact me best. On my journey I can be contacted via email, facebook, or this wonderful blog 🙂

I’ll miss you all very much but am very excited to see what Costa Rica has in store for me. I wish you guys all an amazing month of May!


Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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2 thoughts on “Embarking in T-Minus 8 hours

  1. F.

    I’m so glad you documented this! I’m starting my own countdown for Costa Rica. I’m nervous, scared but most of all VERY EXCITED 😀

  2. No don’t be scared! You’ll have an amazing time. You’ll start to feel more secure about everything the minute you arrive and meet other volunteers! xx

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