Wardrobe Fit for a Costa Rican


I figured I better start using the ‘Ola’ greeting since Spanish is the primary language in Costa Rica. I have been busy shopping and scanning my wardrobe at home for pieces I’d like to take with me to Costa Rica. Some things to note:

1) I must pack very light as we will be staying in local families’ homes with several other volunteers sharing one room (volunteering isn’t luxurious after all).

2) Modest clothing is a must if you don’t wish to get robbed after turning every street corner.

3) During volunteer hours when I will be teaching English, dress code is below the knees bottoms and shirts that cover my shoulders.

That being said, I have comprised some outfits to inspire my packing choices.

Outfit #1- Laidback Chic

This outfit represents the typical cruising around the city look I will be going for. Think long bermuda shorts, pastel colours, and of course silly bands. I find silly bands to be my good luck charm so you’ll definitely be seeing me sporting a lot of those. As for the sequined pink sperrys..they will likely not be making the cut for my packing list 😦

Outfit #2- Romantic Stroller

This is representative of my wardrobe when I am off duty. Maxi skirts and dresses will be a staple item that you will see me sporting throughout the trip. They are modest, yet incredibly chic. As well, short rain boots are an absolute must as I will be heading to Costa Rica during the rainy season and I wish to keep my little toes nice and dry.

Outfit #3- Catching Some Waves

As you have probably already figured out, this will be my go-to look when I hit the beaches on the coast of Guanacaste, which is 4 hours away from San Jose. The first thing that probably caught your eye is the surfboard. Yes I am going surfing…yes I will probably fall 2938123718 times…and yes I will take lots of pictures to post here! Also note a wide-brimmed sunhat and sunscreen are an absolute must for my pale skin, plus skin cancer isn’t sexy.

There ya have it folks, some Costa Rican style inspiration. Which outfit’s your fave?


Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Chic.

xx Neda xx

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